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PhotoGarden: Color Photography by Daniel Westhoven: Author and manager of The George Wagner Exhibit. Photographs which attempt to capture the essence of the subjects in their portrayals.
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Agora Gallery: Contemporary fine art gallery with locations in the SoHo and Chelsea art districts of New York City. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed medias.

Aigam.com: Webdirectory of thousands of links, from Art to Sports.

AllArtOnLine.com: Has the objective to offer a free space of exhibition as well as tools for effective promotion for all the artists eager to actively promote their art on the Internet.

Art by Star: An excellent resource for art!

Art Linx: This site currently contains over 23,000 pages. Feel free to search the entire desktopPublishing.com site ... or anywhere on the web using Google's latest technology. Simply select the appropriate button below.

Art Navigator: Dedicated to the international art market. We present the artists, art events and companies related to art business. Art directory contains links to international art websites.

Art is Art: This webring is dedicated to giving high visibility to artists who create paintings on canvas and ther two-dimensional mediums (paper, wood).

aRT wEB Community: A directory of websites serving the art community.

ArtBabyArt.com: Directory of Artists, with commentary, exhibits, news, and information.

Artist Resource: Connects, educates, empowers and promotes creative people in the visual and literary arts by providing a supportive community online.

Artist's Window, The: Developed as a free artist's resource and Art Collector's Guide, The Artists' Window lets art collectors, art lovers and art buyers find Artist Portfolios and Artist Websites by last name, location, medium, and more.

ArtPromote.com: Explore thousands of art galleries, museums and artists sites from around the world. Browse by subject, medium, movement, nationality and more. Click the links below to begin your adventure.

@rtSake Gallery.: A growing portfolio and exhibitions of established contemporary art of many subjects and styles.

ArtTatoO!: The first free service without advertisement, which offers a complete gallery solution to artists on the Web... and the only one to provide them with real time management!

Fine Art Database: Now you have the opportunity of free advertisements for your works of art. PhotoArt, PaintingArt, DigitalArt, all these Art-Sites are welcome, you just have to add your site.

Oil Paintings Gallery: Offers beautiful oil paintings, artwork, and frames. Our oil paintings for sale are greatly discounted without compromising quality.

PainterGallery.com: Comprehensive collection of artist information, portfolios, and personal links.

Tatet: A directory of websites ranging from commercial to artistic.

YourArtsLinks.com: YourArtLinks is the largest directory of artist listings and art related sites. Over 4000 unique links, in more than 60 categories for artists, masters, sculptors, online galleries, emerging artists, and much, much more.

World Fine Art: An artist collective gallery that exhibits the works of selected artists from around the world. Exhibitions are held in its physical gallery and online.

WebRing: "We bring people together." The best way to find great web sites, share ideas with peers and participate in topical communities for free.

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Aino Gallery: Colorful oil paintings. Semi-abstract, abstract and so on by Aino and his circle members.

Akins Fine Art Studio: "Sometimes combining the real with the imaginary, it is my intention to create imagery which fascinates, uplifts, and heightens the senses." - Akins

Allen, Krystal: "Each of Allen's exceptional contemporary realistic paintings captures a moment in time, filled with rich color and natural light. She is entirely self-taught in the watercolor medium..."

Anaut, Felix: "Anaut has experimented in different mediums of painting, photo-montage, sculpture in terracotta and bronze and ceramics, and has undertaken several large scale installations in public spaces."

Anton Art Gallery: "Viewers were treated to the rich blends and vibrant bursts of color that Anton is so well known for..." - Sean Simon.

Aparin, Sergei: "...enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic painting, surrealism, fiction, dream, figuration, magical, mystical... sub-consciousness, paradoxical metamorphosis, metaphoric discourse..."

Archibald, Dion: Contemporary Australian artist, online gallery of figurative paintings and drawings.

Avakyan, Grant: “Grant Style” can be described as beautiful compositions and abstract movement of color and form, which come together in harmony.


Babcock, Ted Art: Where Salvador Dali Meets Bugs Bunny.

Bagrationoff, Susan M.: An ethereal artist living in Miami, Florida. Susan is currently working out of her home studio located in Kendall, a suburb in the Miami area.

Balsamo, Vincenzo: Contemporary Abstract Painter.

Banfill, Sally: "In a highly polished, meticulous style, she places familiar "American" icons --a doll, an old pick up truck, a gas pump, a mechanical elephant -- in settings stripped bare of human or "natural" life." - L.L. Bennett

Barr, Tommy: An artist living and painting in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Barrett, Julie: My work draws on my own life experiences as well as the world around me, in both a storytelling and a visual sense, using pure colour.

Barton, Beans: His creativity knows no bounds as he creates an endless array of fantastical creatures and humanoids.

Barton, Stefan: The inspiration and central element of his recent paintings is rotation. It is the defining force and the focus of energy...

Bates, Irene: My family and I live at the foot of the Huachuca Mountains in a log cabin. Each day the peaceful spirit of this place washes over me and comes through in my paintings.

Bates, Matt: “Sometimes I can feel Michelangelo look over my shoulder while I’m painting and tell me that I can do better!” Matthew lives with his girlfriend in Firenze to this day.

Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art: Photo realistic paintings and illustrations. Originals and limited edition prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs and much more! FREE newsletter, banner exchange and affiliate program!

Bedard, Karla: "My watercolors evolve through a unique combination of many elements, most of which I can never duplicate. Every time I pick up the brush, I am excited to see what journey I will take and what surprises are in store for me. I know my subject but do not know how I will express it in paint. It comes from somewhere within and when I finish I say "yes that is what I saw and how I felt!"

Bergmann, Dagmar: Dagmar BERGMANN was born in 1948 in Hamburg (Germany). Her studio is in La Réunion, a French tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

Berkelmans, Mariette: Mariette's work is intended to show that in spite of all the tensions and contrasts in our world, there are more similarities and tangents than one thinks.

Bernard, Arthur: Belgian painter and sculptor living and working in The Netherlands and in France. An impression of his abstract figurative paintings in oil and acrylic paint.

Bidner, Mitzi: In her work, an infinite space is suggested, that simultaneously acts as metaphor for the cosmos and the innermost recesses of the mind.

Bittleston, Misha: Existential disappointment is a byproduct of the belief that there is a point to existence.

Bose, Karin: “I enjoy painting any subject representational as well as abstract, and depend upon my feelings to direct me. I spend a lot of time observing and absorbing the world around me.”

Bosman, Paul: "I see art and wildlife conservation as a symbiotic relationship. Because art keeps alive the memories of wildlife in a natural setting, it stimulates a longing in the public to know that such scenes will continue to exist in nature."

Bourrec, Vladimir: A young, self-taught artist based in Stavanger, Norway. He paints mostly oil on canvas.

Boysen, Mary Ann: Realistic as her paintings may seem, they are full of emotion rather than being accurate representations. There is no photo-detail, but an illusion of exactness, concentrating on color, contrast, and design.

Brandl, Mark Staff: He demonstrates that there are always other ways of seeing the same thing and shows how exciting it can be to bring these viewpoints to bear.

Briant, Peter: Briant's love for his home town and the feel he has for it's everyday life exhibits itself in his watercolors. "I feel fortunate to live in New Orleans - a place so rich in subject matter for my paintings."

Brooks, Jenny: Jenny enjoys capturing the movement and muscle tone in sports like rugby and polo. Drawings are conte chalk and acrylic on paper. Paintings are in acrylic on canvas in bold and vibrant colour.

Brown, Sue: Brown Cow Studio - a new site dedicated to showcasing the artwork of self-taught artist Sue Brown. Sue has spent most of her career in academia and only recently did she discover her love of painting.

Brownjohn, Irene: I am a self-taught artist living in Australia. All the digital pictures are "painted" on the computer.

Bruin, Randolf: At the age of 19 he took up the brush, actually the pallet knife, and began to formulate his unique vision of what painting could be.

Bryant, Michael Siarl: I try to create images that cause the viewer to think a little, maybe to use a little imagination. I hope that my work can be revisited without boredom. I equate paintings with old friends - you should always be pleased to see them, I hope mine do that for you.

Brynja, Hjordis: I believe that true identity is found in creative activity springing from within. It is found, paradoxically, when one loses oneself. Woman can best refind herself by losing herself in some kind of creative activity of her own.

Buchholz, Daniel: Color is the focus of my work. I continue to experiment with what some would consider fantastic use of tints, but in fact, I believe show the more realistic shades of our lives.

Buxton, David: As the act of creating a Mandala is a meditation in itself, I have found that working on each painting is an obvious step in my search for the meaning of life and its healing aspects.


Caniglia: There is nothing more pure in life than a canvas waiting to be brought to life by a fury of precision brushstrokes with images of nothing more than concrete irrationality.

Carter, Carol: Carol Carter is an established St. Louis painter working primarily in large-scale watercolors and acrylics. She has exhibited extensively over the past eighteen years both regionally and nationally...

Chappuis, Erica: a practicing artist ever since, specializing in erotic and sensual subjects. She is represented in many private collections.

Chew-Wallace, Christie: I attempt to capture the emotions that are visible on the outside of the body and during the process of creation of the work convey this onto the canvas.

Chubar, Alexander: In my work I try to develop a pliable, flexible line capable of interaction with various other lines to form more intricate images. The complexity of the line transforms and reverses positive and negative aspects of the space.

Chystiakov, Nikolai: I aspire to painting. To light, color, emotions… I try to combine the abstract goals with real emotions and perception of true life.

Criste, Cleto: Cleto studied art at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and has been working as a graphic artist in Hawaii for the past sixteen years. He paints in his spare time and tries to keep up with what's current in computers and computer graphics.


D'Elia, Anthony: "Painting has allowed me to capture moments in time, that otherwise, might have been lost forever. I count myself amongst the blessed."

Dannegger, Andrea: Animal portraitist works in oil, watercolor and charcoal.

Dalmolen, L. J.: Making art is stepping over the emptyness of cognition. Art makes things intelligable and makes us intelligent.

Davis, J. B.: "I think there is incredible talent in her work and I never waver in my enthusiasm to watch her pieces come alive as she throws emotion onto canvas."

Daviner, Jim: A self taught artist, he successfully blends techniques ranging from expressionism to modern representationalism in his work.

Davsun, David C.: "An Art is more than just a physical presentation as she united the world of mind-body."


De Caso, Michel: A "rectoversé" painting is painted on its two sides which are first of all perforated right through. This artistic proposition asks numerous artistic and philosophic questions totally connected to our time. It notably calls into question the notion of the painting as "opened window" stemming especially from the Renaissance.

Ellington, Stewart Lane: The desire for spirituality manifests itself in the forms of love and levity, feelings which I express in my paintings. My primary conceptual motivation is derived from the contradiction and struggle between realized and idealized being.

Engelen, Leon: Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.

Essery, Eliana: I believe the need to make art is a fundamental aspect of human nature which ultimately needs to develop and understand itself. A committed artist is an explorer who undertakes a voyage of discovery of his/her own inner landscape.


Feldbaum, Margalit: An Israeli artist exhibits her work at her Virtual Art Gallery.

Fenton, Michael: concerned with making the surface of the paintings as interesting as possible; the paint on the canvas is the subject matter. The viewer's eye bounces around with thythmic lines, dynamic colors, and interesting shapes.

Fitzpatrick, Lorraine: In this website you will find contemporary paintings of Landscapes and Seascapes of California, which is the focus of my work. I have also included Florals and Still Life paintings.

Francot, Magda: prefers working in oils, but has also mastered pastels, watercolours and coloured pencils to which she brings the same mastery of colour and light and darkness. She creates symbolic works of art, and fine portraits commissioned in all of these media.


Gonzalez - Galerie Sublimatio: The Transfigurative and Esoteric Art of A. Andrew Gonzalez.


Hall, Tracy: Flower paintings, wildlife art, pet portraits and farm animals in original watercolor paintings, drawings, prints and greeting cards.

Hardwood, June: Harwood's landscapes retain aspects of Hard-Edge painting for which she has been known during the early part of her career.  The flat color - clearly a part of Hard-Edge painting has been replaced by textural surfaces, while the most recent work has restated the previously simplified composition.

Helms, John: currently lives in Memphis, where he does free-lance graphic design, and markets his original paintings and prints.

Henderson, Delaney: The meaning of the images is left up to the viewer for a more broad and/or personal interpretation to be possible, (or no interpretation at all). There is no preconceived conscious meaning to any of the images; some of them are visualized in a half dream state in while relaxing.

Henslee, Julie: I used to be a child in a Sally Mann photo, wild and unencumbered. I used to get lost in the wildlife around Central Texas and play in the mud and go topless and not bathe for days. Then I grew up, and it's not so simple to shed everything and feel so free again. My artwork is about those lost times. It is about longing.

Heseltine, Michael: Abstract fine art paintings influenced by the Expressionists, Impressionists and The Scottish colourists. The British contemporary artist Michael Heseltine specialises in landscape around his home in Scotland, using memory to make emotional representations and 'maps'. These oil paintings are often on a large scale.

Hilling, Cathy: Here, the human form, in a different kind of motion, is used as a vehicle for expression. Its a kind of dance on paper. Often the figures are gender neutral to address the issue of universal emotion. Human emotion. This series is a portrait of the dynamic that occurred between two people in a specific relationship.

Hodges, Jennifer: Enjoy a peaceful walk through rich textural forests; or quiet in the atmospheric spiritual gardens; feel the energy in the abstract paintings; relax with the clarity of the gentle imagery of people and angels; or the sweet whimsy of Clara Bellum.

Horne, John W.: "...if our art is to be appreciated and, understood for what it brings into our world, we must assume the role of provocateur... we cannot be bound, by the artificial boundaries of mediocrity."


Insaurralde, Rodolfo: Rodolfo Insaurralde chose the way of the artist from his first incursion into art. Guided by the hand of the great artist Irma Stella Insaurralde, who as his fairy godmother, marked his future destination forever as he plunged deep in that fascinating world.


Jacobs, Karen: "Veils of color... Light, dark, warm, cool, Scumbled and glazed... Seeking the final illusion of, A soft, deep surface. Gesturing traces of, Graphite, crayon and sgraffito... The pentimenti of earlier movements... Of earlier thoughts. Intricacies, And transitions, Which speak of time... And timelessness."


Katayama, Takoyuki: For me, creating works is to recreate sacred experiences which I've seen and felt... Through my works, I intend to share my experiences of the "world filled with White Light that reminds deep eternity" with my audience.

Keller, Jessica: Painting is in my soul and if I can bring out what is in my heart and put it on paper or canvas I feel complete satisfaction---especially if I can make someone who views my work feel the same way.

Knapp, Martin A.: Makart's Gallery - Watercolor paintings, pencil, pen, and ink wash drawings; sketch services based on your photographs; and other information enlightening, educational and entertaining to artists and art lovers alike.

Kostyal, Andrea: My abstract pieces are inspired by urban landscapes. Their vibrant and cruel beauty evokes and preserves nature's own power through a fractured structure. Collage technique aids my explorations of the different aspects of the struggle between natural and artificial.



Matar - LebanonArt: Presents the artworks of the Lebanese and French artist painter and poet Joseph Matar. The site displays oils paintings, watercolors, poetic verses, postcards, art prints reproductions.

Mateo - Metaphysical Paintings: By Julio Mateo: Abstract, metaphysical art galleries on sacred geometry, nature, and art's spiritual relationship to cosmic creation.







Scattergood-Moore Drawings: Attended the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Mass. and received my BFA in painting from Boston University, School of Fine Arts and my MFA in drawing and painting from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.








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