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   1. Prints.
You can obtain a print of any of the work displayed here by contacting: gwagner@westhorizon.com. Prints can range in size depending on what you desire, given that they remain the original's ratio (height to width). Prices are based on the size of the print, so a quote would be given after an order is placed in the confirmation e-mail.
   2. Originals.
Some originals are for sale at their listed price. Any artwork without a price listed is for sale only by agreement of the artist: George Wagner. One is welcome to give an offer on any works shown here, however keep in mind that not all works are for sale and some offers will be turned down.
   3. Commissions.
George Wagner is accepting commissions at this time. If you like his work, and want a more personalized original by him then contact us with the size and the subject of the piece. You will be quoted a price in the confirmation email. There is only one major clause to commissions. George Wagner must be allowed to choose the manner in which he expresses the subject matter (style). However, you are welcome to make suggestions.
   4. General.
  • We do not accept credit at this time.
  • One will receive e-mail confirmation before orders are placed.
  • Information about Price & Payment Options will be included.
  • Responces should take 1-2 days.
  •    5. E-mail.
  • Address to: gwagner@westhorizon.com
  • Subject it: Order, Question, or Comment.
  • Orders need: Name, Address, Painting #(s), & Print Size(s).
  •    6. Web-Form.
  • All Web-Form mails must include an e-mail address.
  • Web-Form orders must include all other information fields.
  • Orders: include painting #(s) and print size(s) in comment field.

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